Nutrition Counseling

"eat delightfully. attentively. for joy. every day."

* You want to lose weight?
* You are constantly thinking about eating?
* You want to keep your weight for the * long term?
* You want to feel comfortable in your **body?
* You want to eat with pleasure instead * of a rigid diet?
* You are too stressed to eat well?
No matter what. Together we will find your balance.
Sometimes it just needs a little nudge or a few great tips for a major change. To achieve your goals successfully, I support you also in the long run.
My holistic nutrition counseling, based on your current and personal circumstances, initial situation, your needs, family and job, allows you to define achievable goals.
Grocery shopping assistance and creative cooking will help as well if needed.
Thanks to my own dietary change, the delightful and colorful world of balanced and healthy food came accessible to me. And didn't let me go.